Photo Story Reflection

Pigeons hey?

What was it like photographing such a subject you might ask?

Surprisingly difficult if I’m honest. Something I have discovered is that pigeons, although my photo’s might seem otherwise, aren’t the most co-operative models. Continue reading “Photo Story Reflection”


Too Many Weeks Late

So yeah, I know this journal entry is coming probably several weeks too late but I mean it’s here right?

So since the last time I posted one of these quite a lot has happened. Namely I’ve done a lot more work on trying to produce YouTube style videos and I have to say I think my skill are improving Continue reading “Too Many Weeks Late”

Pigeons of Sydney

For no reason besides the fact that I think pigeons are a very overlooked bird, especially since they are absolutely everywhere in Sydney, I have decided to do a photo story on the magnificently prevalent sky-rats of my home. In this 10 photo saga see the blandest birds this spectacular city has to offer and their hypothetical life stories, all in Humans of New York style. Enjoy! Continue reading “Pigeons of Sydney”