A conversation with Angharad Yeo

Good Game Spawn Point, one of the most amazing shows my little gamer eyes had ever seen. As someone who has been gaming for practically her entire life I have seen a lot of things to do with the subject and, metaphorically, dived headfirst, rolled around a bit and smothered myself in anything and everything to do with games from a young age.

One person on the show that I aspire to be like is one of the newest recruits Angharad Yeo, or as everyone knows her, Rad. She is a brilliant, bright and quirky person and after I watched her eat an entire jar of peanut-butter I knew that she would make the best kind role model.

Following one of the most exciting twitter exchanges in my journalistic career I managed to get to speak to her about what it was like joining such an amazing show.

“I first joined the team as work experience, and was super nervous but excited. I didn’t know anything about TV or what to expect,” she said. “But the show had such a warmth and fun [atmosphere], I was keen to see behind the curtain.

“My favourite part of the job is working with Bajo. He’s so much fun, incredibly generous, and we always laugh a lot,” she gushes as my envy grows for this amazing woman. “He also helps me out with anything and everything even if he doesn’t have to, he’s such a crazy legend.”

By this stage I’m absolutely green with jealousy but I have one last question that I need to know and I’m sure is on everyone else minds, What was it like when you found out that you were going to be presenting for good game?

“I first found out I’d be presenting spawn point off the back of hearing good game was cancelled, so it was very bittersweet.

“I don’t think I fully comprehended what was happening at the time, it was a lot to take in. But at the same time I’d worked there so long and spent so much time in studio that it felt super natural. Like hanging out with friends.

“I was super stoked that the hard work I’d put in was paying off and I was starting to move into a career,” she told me and I have to say, I’m stoked for her too, even if I kind of wish I was her.



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