Too Many Weeks Late

So yeah, I know this journal entry is coming probably several weeks too late but I mean it’s here right?

So since the last time I posted one of these quite a lot has happened. Namely I’ve done a lot more work on trying to produce YouTube style videos and I have to say I think my skill are improving (even if only slightly). I’m still having trouble with the whole “posting things in a reliable weekly type thing”. I also keep telling myself that I’m going to post more often on my blog and then I don’t. I need to find a better way to motivate myself.

There I am getting sidetracked again though. Back to the whole YouTube thing.

While the few videos I have made are kind of steaming piles of messy crap, they’ve really been helping me learn what I like and don’t like and what I can do to create content that I, and hopefully others, enjoy. I would really like to invest in a better camera so that my videos are less grainy eyesores but I’m okay if the whole tech thing comes later down the track. I’d also need to invest in an actual microphone for that too… and decent lighting. Okay there’s a lot of things that I need and I don’t have the funds for that but I do hope it happens at least one day.

I think I’d like to create an intro card or intro video type thing that lets my viewers know that the main body of my video is starting because I really like the format from what I’ve seen other creaters use. It just looks really cool and profesh to me okay!

I’m also going to try really hard to write more scripts out for my videos and… you know… actually following it. Hopefully I’ll get better at thinking of content that’s more relatable so that I get more views.

All in all I’m really enjoying the things I’m learning and how I’m improving as a content creator.


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