Pigeons of Sydney

For no reason besides the fact that I think pigeons are a very overlooked bird, especially since they are absolutely everywhere in Sydney, I have decided to do a photo story on the magnificently prevalent sky-rats of my home. In this 10 photo saga see the blandest birds this spectacular city has to offer and their hypothetical life stories, all in Humans of New York style. Enjoy!

“We love to hang out around communal places. The vibrancy and noise of the cafes bring all walks of life together. It’s how the two of us me.” (Rita and Steve, Sydney TAFE lunch area)
“The playground was tough. No one understood me. THe only thing that got me through was music and slam poetry.” (Seth, If home is where the heart is then I don’t have one because I’m heartless)
“I come here for drinks with the girls almost every day. Best watering hole in the city, without a doubt.” (Carla, A puddle)
“If anyone has a problem with me I tell them to go say it to my face. I’m not afraid to show everyone who’s boss.” (Brock, Jones st)
“Food doesn’t just come to you, you’ve got to go out there and take it by the beak.” (Petey, Pigeon food cartel aka under a table
“I’ve been living it rough on the streets since my tree was knocked down in early April. It’s been hard, competing with the seagulls for food scraps just lying on the ground, especially when I have 3 little mouths to feed back in my makeshift nest.” (Sheryl, Darling Harbour)
“After my modelling career didn’t work out I moved on to dance. It’s pure catharsis, moving my body to the rhythms. Hopefully one day I’ll get paid for it.” (Nikki, Sydney CBD)
“The commute to and from the nest is a long one but I will always prefer taking the train to flying.” (Roger, Central Station)
“Living with a broken wing is tough. I know my mates treat me differently because of it. It isn’t something that I let hold me back though.” (Jerald, Jones st)
“My wife passed away but this was always her favourite place. I come here often, just to watch the day go by. It’s peaceful.” (Norman, Some pot plant)

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