Wait… You like games?

My little sister told me one day, “I don’t bring up games to boys because I’m not a gamer.” The same sister I watch play at least 3-4 hours of games every week. The same sister who has bought toys based off the games she plays, does drawing based off the games she plays and decorates her room with things from the games she plays. She doesn’t think she is a gamer though. Continue reading “Wait… You like games?”


A conversation with Angharad Yeo

Good Game Spawn Point, one of the most amazing shows my little gamer eyes had ever seen. As someone who has been gaming for practically her entire life I have seen a lot of things to do with the subject and, metaphorically, dived headfirst, rolled around a bit and smothered myself in anything and everything to do with games from a young age.

One person on the show that I aspire to be like is one of the newest recruits Angharad Yeo, or as everyone knows her, Rad. She is a brilliant, bright and quirky person and after I watched her eat an entire jar of peanut-butter I knew that she would make the best kind role model. Continue reading “A conversation with Angharad Yeo”