10 Photo Storyboard

For my idea I would like to do a piece about pigeons. I would title the work ‘Pigeons of Sydney’ and present it in a similar style to the photos you see in the popular art project ‘Humans of New York’.

It would highlight the close proximity of animals in human urban environments but in a quirky and humorous way. I hope for it to be informative on just how much these overlooked birds thrive right next to us in city life but also take itself not too seriously.

Each shot will have a pigeon as it’s main focal point. I want the viewers eyes to be drawn towards it immediate. Each shot will also be edited to be rich in vibrancy and colour to help highlight the life of these somewhat dull looking birds.

I will caption each one with a little made up story about what I think their life might be like to again create more similarities to the ‘Humans of New York’ series and to also bring more humor into the photos.

I could caption one with something like “I’ve been living it rough on the streets since my tree was knocked down in early April. It’s been hard, competing with the seagulls for food scraps just lying on the ground, especially when I have 3 little mouths to feed back in my makeshift nest.” (Sheryl, Darling Harbour).

I will try to get different of bird variations and different positioning and posing so that each pigeon looks unique and interesting.

If I can get nests and other birds and things like that in the shot that would be great, so long as it’s in the background and not too obtrusive because I really want my subject, the pigeons, to be the focal point and for nothing to be a distraction from that.


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