Controversy over Woolworths in Kirrawee

The Sutherland Shire Council has rejected many development applications (DA) for a Woolworths centre on Flora street in Kirrawee. The justification for these rejections were on the grounds were that it conflicted with a “larger strategic vision for the South District Plan.”

The most recent comment by the council was made after another DA for Flora street which was also denied. The chairman says, “This decision is best made after the finalisation of A Plan For Growing Sydney and the South District Plan.”

The first DA for a Woolworths was lodged in 2013 which was refused. Woolworths then partnered with Ionic management in 2015 to submit another DA, this time as a part of a larger complex with other commercial buildings and lower level car parking.

Ionic management ended up withdrawing that application saying that, “It is our intention to amend and re-lodge the application in a form that can be supported by the Council.”

A local shopper said “I live in Gymea, my closest supermarket is down the road from me but it’s only little and has barely anything in it.

“If I want a decent choice I have to drive all the way over to Miranda and the parking is always terrible there.

“It would be so much easier if I could do my shopping in Kirrawee.”

The DA was relodged in December 2016 and a meeting held in March but no final decision was made due to a possible conflict of interests with the Council panel members. This was because of a voluntary planning agreement (VPA) involving the company and the council members in relation to a separate site.


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