Career Objectives

My career objective is to one day be a creative director for my own gaming studio. It would be the perfect platform for me to produce high quality stories. The reason I prefer gaming to print or blogs is that gaming has an interactive element so the story telling doesn’t have to be so linear. The other advantage of gaming is that you are usually working with a whole studio of people which means the ideas can grow and change with different peoples input and creative perspectives.

The difficulty with getting into a senior position such as creative director is that it requires a lot of hard work in a lot lower down positions to get there. I have purchased my own drawing tablet so that I can gain some skills in the art work involved in gaming as well as looking to pursue further study in programming and using the tools I have available to create games of my own. The game creator Unity is very good for learning the basic skills of building games so it would be worth my time to become proficient with that software.

In terms of my writing, the things I need to work on is my general grammar and punctuation as well as getting better at following schedules with the work that I publish. I have my own personal blog that I use to publish my creative work. At this stage I don’t have a schedule that I’m using but instead am just posting whenever I feel like it. I think it would greatly help my career objectives to get into a good practice of routinely posting something on my blog at least weekly. I think that the practice I would gain from doing this would be beneficial to my writing skills and would help me improve my grammar and editing.

Social media platforms could also help me in many ways. By building up a following on my online presences, such as my Instagram and twitter, I could generate interest in my writing. I larger following would also give me more contacts with people possibly in that industry and therefore more possible entry points into the career that I want.

I have already started communicating with some people in gaming so that hopefully I can get some insight on what the job actually looks like from an insider’s perspective and what I can do to best improve my chances to get into that career path. One in particular would be a twitch streamer named Chluaid. He is a game designer himself who works from home in the Blue Mountains to develop his own game. He is an artist himself and so he does work on the character designs and art for the game but he has been part of the industry for a long time and has lot of good insight on what it’s like being a game designer working in Australia.

Another person who I could ask for advice on how to achieve my goals is TV show host Steven O’Donnell. He has been a prominent part of Australia’s gaming community for the past decade and so has a wealth of knowledge about the community. He would be able to tell me what to do and what not to do in terms of game design and help guide me in the right direction. He also has a lot of contacts in the gaming industry and would know who to talk to about problems with certain gaming elements.

The road to becoming a creative director for games is not an easy one and I don’t expect to get in immediately. I understand that it’s a very competitive career to get into but I’m excited to travel down the pathways that could lead to this career because there are lots of opportunities for creative and exciting avenues to get there. Perhaps not the journey most easily travelled but certainly one of the more interesting.


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