Being approached by seedy men overseas is no great feat

By Rhiannon Child

Young ladies travelling alone overseas can sometimes have a daunting journey ahead of them, especially when old men approach you asking if they can kiss your feet.

Many “budding” women travel the word for a multitude of reasons like finding their independence, experiencing cultures that aren’t their own and discovering the mysteries that always seem to lie in the corners of the globe.

One thing young women never seem to be able to escape though, is the never ending onslaught of men with questionable morality and general understanding of socially acceptable behaviour.

Young traveller, Ruth Griffin, says “It was a pretty nice, warm day, and I went to this park that was right near the coliseum [in Rome].

“This old man came up to me and started talking to me,” she says.

“ [He was] asking me all these questions like where I am from and how old I am.

“He was looking at my feet. All of the sudden he said ‘Can I please kiss your feet?’ I was kind of like ‘What?!’”

You would probably have the same reaction too, wouldn’t you?


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