Radio Bulletin

Reporter: Rhiannon

Outlast Banned

Duration: 30 seconds

The survival horror game, Outlast 2, has been banned in Australia after being considered too graphic for an R18+ rating by the Australian Classification board. (10 sec)

The game could be considered for resubmission if the implied sexual violence is removed. The news has come as a surprise to the gaming community because the game’s demo was approved with an R18+ rating in the classification process. (15 sec)

The publishers have not yet said if they will resubmit for a new rating. (5 sec)

Underage Sexual Relations

Duration: 43 seconds

A 69-year-old man has been charged with alleged sexual relations with a 15-year-old boy. (11 sec)

The man was taken to Ulladulla Police Station, where he was charged with 11 counts of sexual intercourse with person 14-16 years. (13 sec)

The Magistrate says while there was no suggestion the man manipulated the boy into having sex, the allegations against him were serious and will likely to result in a custodial sentence, if proven. (14 sec)

He was refused bail and will face Nowra Local Court in June. (5 sec)

$730 million for Community Hospital

Duration: 36 seconds

The Turnbull Government will be providing $730 million to a North-Western Tasmanian Community Hospital, Mersey. (9 sec)

Under the new agreement, the ownership will be transferred over from the Commonwealth to Tasmania on the First of July this year. (9 sec)

The Commonwealth will provide the $730 million upfront to the Tasmanian Government so that it can run for the next ten years. (10 sec)

This payment is the biggest cash transfer from the Federal Government to the Tasmanian Government ever. (8 sec)

Fallout Shelter on Steam

Duration: 27 seconds

Fallout shelter has been released on Steam, PC’s biggest gaming platform. (4 sec)

The game boasts 75 million players worldwide and that number is only expected to grow with this new release. Players will now get the opportunity to earn steam achievements and take advantage of the platforms cloud support. (14 sec)

The game is also getting updated with 30 new quests as well as a limited time Easter quest with exclusive, legendary items. (9 sec)

Telltale CEO stepping down

Duration: 48 seconds

Telltale Games CEO Kevin Burner is stepping down from his position which was announced last week in a company memo. (8 sec)

Burner is going to be staying on the board during the transition but his long term status with Telltale is unsure at this point. (8 sec)

The former chief executive of the company, Dan Conners, is said to be taking over in a seamless transition. Jane Smith reports. (9 sec)

Jane: It’s been a turbulent…. (time for Telltale Games after Kevin Burner announced that he had decided to step down from his position and pass it back to the previous CEO of the company. He spoke with me about his) ….decision to move on. (15 sec)

Sound Grab: The time has come…. (to pass the reins to someone that can better drive Telltale to the next level and realize all the) ….potential that is here. (8 sec)


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