The first few weeks

The first few weeks have been pretty interesting and I think I’ve gained a lot of new skills and definitely grown in confidence when it comes to interviewing strangers. Some of the classes haven’t been as much of a challenge, especially the WordPress and social media skills because of all my background knowledge of them.

The mopho class has been brilliant and I think my photography skills have really improved since I started. Each class has found a new way to push me out of my comfort zone but not by so much that it isn’t enjoyable.

The writing and news conference class have been the most challenging for me to my surprise. I have been struggling to create content that fit my briefs. Most of them have been heavily hard news focused and political which are very far from my personal interests. I often find news to be quite negative and depressing so I sometimes find myself leaving class upset with the state the world and humanity are in. The formula for writing hard news is slowly becoming easier for me to grasp though and I feel like I’m beginning to get a handle on things.

All in all I’ve been enjoying class and improving the quality of my work.


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